#​501 — September 12, 2023

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MikroORM 5.8 Released — When MikroORM is mentioned anywhere, I always see folks saying it’s great and deserves more attention, so I’m doing my bit to help 😁 It’s an ORM for Node based around Data Mapper, Unit of Work (hello implicit transactions and change detection!) and Identity Map patterns, with support for both SQL and NoSQL databases and it’ll even analyze your code for types to help you create entities more easily.

Martin Adámek

Bun 1.0: The Other JS/TS Runtime That Isn’t Deno or Node — We’re going to focus more on Bun in JavaScript Weekly, but the alternative, performance-oriented server-side JS runtime built atop JavaScriptCore is a big deal in the Node world nonetheless as the only other runtime to claim it’s “a drop-in replacement for Node.js.” It’s worth a look, though folks have had mixed results so far regarding the drop-in claim.

Jarred Sumner et al.

Snyk’s James Konik has attempted a Node vs Deno vs Bun comparison. Hexagon has also created a simple comparison table of features. ✅ ❌

Code Security into Your Apps, Quickly — Pangea helps you create secure apps without slowing down innovation. With our framework of essential API-based security services, you can efficiently protect your users, meet security and compliance standards, and block threats.

Pangea sponsor

How to Run a GitHub Gist with


— Nate Taras’ recent Creating an


tool inspired Kelly to send in this simple example of a remotely executable


gist. This is a clever idea that works because GitHub gists can automatically act as git repositories and


can run against a package hosted in a git repo.

Kelly Fox

Node v20.6.1 (Current) Released — A patch level release to fix a bug around circular CJS dependencies when loaded by ESM. This issue was significant enough to affect numerous popular projects.

Ruy Adorno and Rafael Gonzag

Getting Daily Notifications My Parent is Okay — Being in the UK – a nation that truly loves its tea – the approach involves monitoring whether a water kettle is used each day. Node makes an appearance for turning the activity into Telegram messages.

Remy Sharp


JPEG and EXIF Data Manipulation in JavaScript — A look at how to pick through the JPEG format and read and replace EXIF tags directly without leaning on a third party library.

Cédric Patchane

Job Schedulers for Node: Bull or Agenda? — This isn’t an antagonistic title, Bull and Agenda are two job scheduling systems for Node 😉 .. though at this point I’d take Bull’s advice and look at the newer BullMQ instead.

Omonigho Kenneth Jimmy

You Look Like You Could Use a T-Shirt, and a Better Auth Provider — Spin up a local instance of FusionAuth in just 5 minutes. Send us a screenshot and we’ll send you a t-shirt. It’s free.

FusionAuth sponsor

Running a Playwright Script on AWS Lambda — If you’ve struggled to make it work too, Matt has some pointers.

Matt Steele

Observing Node.js Processes with eBPF

Opeyemi Onikute

🛠 Code & Tools

Semgrep 1.39: Lightweight Static Analysis for Many Languages — Semgrep is a CLI that analyzes your code locally and has numerous pre-built rules (with a repository of others to explore) and a playground to test things out. Think a turbocharged, language aware


and.. you’ll be about 50% of the way there 😁 (It’s not built with Node but Node is one of its supported and common targets.)


csv42: Small, Fast CSV Parser with Support for Nested JSON — The author has also blogged about why he built it.

Jos de Jong

Disco Node: Recommendations using Collaborative Filtering — A new Node library from pgvector’s most prolific contributor.

Andrew Kane

quick-lru 7.0: Simple Least Recently Used (LRU) Cache — For when you want to cache, but also place a cap on the size of the underlying object.

Sindre Sorhus

npm-to-yarn: Convert


CLI Commands to


(and Vice Versa)

Ben Gubler

📰 Classifieds

📅 The AI Event of the year is happening this October 8-10 in SF. The AI Engineer Summit congregates 500 founders, developers, and others working with and shipping AI features and apps, including speakers from companies like OpenAI, GitHub, Replit, AutoGPT, and Amazon. You can apply to attend or get a free remote ticket to tune in from anywhere.

💻 Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.


Zettlr 3.0: A Modern Markdown Editor — A rather attractive editor. Bear in mind it’s GPL licensed if you want to integrate it anywhere, but you may find it useful just as a personal editor. GitHub repo and homepage.



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