#​407 — September 30, 2021

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Node Weekly

Guidelines for Choosing a Node.js Framework — Hapi? Koa? Express? Slow down. Unlike a lot of articles, this one doesn’t give you any specific framework suggestions (the list of Node frameworks from awesome-nodejs is suggested for that) but instead arms you with the questions you should be asking when weighing up your potential options.

Simon Plenderleith

Node v14.18.0 (LTS) Released — Note that this is the v14 LTS release, so it’s more about stability and backporting some things from v15 and v16, such as Blob,




and more.

Michaël Zasso

Power Up Your JavaScript with Functional Programming — Learn core functional JS programming techniques by coding with pure functions, learning recursion, higher-order functions, closures, currying, function composition, and more.

Frontend Masters sponsor

Passport 0.5: Simple, Unobtrusive Authentication for Node — A very long standing project in the Node ecosystem acting as authentication middleware for any Express-based app. Amazingly there are now over 500 packages offering extra strategies and options too. GitHub repo.

Jared Hanson


NVM for Windows 1.1.8: Node Version Utility for Windows — Node 16.9 introduced corepack, a built-in way to manage package managers, and this release adds support for Windows-based users keen to use NVM for Windows with it until its successor is completed.

Corey Butler

Node.js Ecommerce: How To Build a Shopping App with ButterCMS

Soham Kamani

🛠 Code & Tools

Threads.js 1.7: Web Workers Meet Worker Threads — A library that provides an abstraction over both Web Workers and worker threads (as implemented in Node) to keep code consistent across Node, browser, and Electron. GitHub repo.

Andy Wermke

Restify 8.6.0: A Framework for Building REST APIs — At 11 years old, Restify isn’t getting a huge number of updates lately, but new releases of heavily used infrastructure projects are always welcomed.


Fauna: A Modern Serverless Data API for Node.js Apps

Fauna sponsor

DOCX 7.1: A Declarative API to Generate .docx Files


files are perhaps more commonly known as modern Microsoft Word documents. This library works on both Node and the browser and there’s a live CodePen demo here, plus a folder of code examples.GitHub repo.


node-rate-limiter-flexible: Limit Number of Actions by Key and Protect Apps from Brute Force Attacks — Can use Redis, in-process memory, memcached, MongoDB, Postgres or more to count actions in either a single process or distributed environment.

Roman Animir

SVGO 2.7: A Node-Based SVG Optimizer — If you’ve worked with SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) at all, you’ve probably seen they can be filled with all sorts of junk code.. SVGO to the rescue. v2.7.0 adds ES modules support.

Kir Belevich

Send Logs from Your Node.js Apps to LogDNA and We’ll Do the Rest

LogDNA sponsor

Oso: A System for Implementing Authorization — Oso is a set of APIs for defining authorization schemes in a language called Polar. It’s written in Rust, but offers libraries, including this one, for other languages like Node, Python, and Go.

Oso Team

dprint-node: Node API for the


TypeScript and JavaScript Code Formatter

Devon Govett

💻 Jobs

Sr. & Mid-Level Software Developers (Office Optional) — Moz is looking for mid or senior level devs to join its User Services team, responsible for building apps to support invoicing, charging, and subscription-management for Moz products.


Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.



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