#​472 — February 2, 2023

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AlaSQL.js 3.0: Isomorphic JavaScript SQL Database — A SQL database you can use in Node.js and the browser. The interesting bit, for me, is how it opens up the idea of using SQL to query JavaScript objects – as in this example. “The library adds the comfort of a full database engine to your JavaScript app. No, really.”

Andrey Gershun

On Building Enterprise-Grade Node Apps — A look at node-service-template, a newly open-sourced “enterprise-grade Node.js service template” which covers a lot of best practices through both scaffolding and its dependencies. Fastify sits at its heart.

Igor Savin (Lokalise)

An Intuitive APM for Node.js Developers — AppSignal doesn’t just offer Node.js performance monitoring and error tracking. We have a full set of features to monitor your application from A to Z packed in a clear and intuitive interface. All features are included in all plans.

AppSignal sponsor

How Node & SWC Can Make a Lightning Fast TypeScript Runtime — If the added compilation time for TypeScript has irritated you so far, Artem has found a way to get things as fast as possible.

Artem Avetisyan


Understanding the GraphQL Type System — Tania is one of our favorite tech bloggers as everything she writes is so easy to follow without sacrificing the necessary technical details, so if you want to learn more about how GraphQL schemas are structured, this is a handy read.

Tania Rascia

Building a Blog with Next.js, AdminJS, and ReactAdminJS is a popular open source administration panel/UI for Node.

Adam Frydrych

How To Build Reliable Distributed Systems in Node.js

Temporal Technologies sponsor

Five Ways to Use

npm audit

to Protect Your Code

Avichay Attlan

Generate Art with DALL·E 2 and Twilio Serverless via SMS

Lizzie Siegle

🛠 Code & Tools

TestCafe 2.3: Node-Based End-to-End Web Testing — We frequently link to releases of this popular testing tool (the official homepage sells it better than these release notes), but v2.3 is noteworthy for adding a new


tool to help you interactively generate new TestCafe projects quickly. Experimental ESM support has also made it in.

Developer Express Inc.

pg-promise 11.2: Promise-Based Interface for Postgres — Originally it was a promisified version of node-postgres but over time it’s added a lot more including automatic connections and transactions, query generation, and more.

Vitaly Tomilov

Just Postgres. Made for Developers — Fully-managed, cloud hosted Postgres. Plans starting at $10 a month. Sign-up and find out why developers love us.

Crunchy Bridge sponsor

Eta 2.0: Embedded JS Template Engine for Node, Deno, and Browser — Boasts being lighter and faster than EJS but with many of the same features (it looks a lot like Ruby’s ERB). 2.0 is considered a straightforward upgrade for existing users and is focused more on security. GitHub repo.

Ben Gubler

MongoDB Node.js Driver 5.0 — With this release, the official MongoDB driver drops support for callbacks entirely in favor of promises (though nodejs-mongodb-legacy can be used to regain callbacks while you migrate).

MongoDB, Inc.

💻 Jobs

Backend Engineer, TypeScript (Berlin / Remote) — Thousands of people love our product (see Trustpilot for yourself). Join the team behind it and help us scale. 🚀


Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.


📰 Extra, Extra!

Newswall: Rotate and Display Newspapers on an E-Ink Display — The downside is you need a rather large and expensive e-ink display to get the full effect, but.. a cool project nonetheless.

Pathikrit Bhowmick


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