#​522 — February 27, 2024

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🚀🐢  𝕏 Meet Node’s New Mascot? — Over on Twitter/X, the official Node account unveiled the result of the Node.js mascot design contest that ran recently, and Node’s new mascot is… Rocket Turtle (as seen above) by Angela Angelini. The folks over on Reddit aren’t huge fans, it seems?

The Node.js Project

JSR: What We Know So Far About Deno’s New JS Package Registry — The Deno team is cooking up JSR (still behind a waitlist), a new JavaScript package registry (not merely a package management tool, like pnpm or Yarn) to address various npm limitations, including for Node users who don’t even plan to use Deno.

Sarah Gooding

Instant GraphQL Backends for Node.js — Whether you’re a GraphQL enthusiast, a Node.js developer, or someone striving for optimal API performance, this guide will equip you enough to accelerate your API creation journey and focus on meaningful backend work.

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Node’s 2023, Summarized in An Article — Rafael, of the Node.js TSC and Fastify core team, shares a useful update on the evolution of Node.js over the past year, how the team ensures Node is well tested and reliable, changes to Node’s vendor dependencies (of which it gained three in 2023), as well as enhancements to Node’s security and Web presence.

Rafael Gonzaga


  • 📅 Last week, we mentioned a forthcoming Honeypot documentary about Node.js (you can ▶️ watch the trailer here) but got the release date wrong: it’s due on March 21 – so a few weeks to wait yet 🙂

  • Git 2.44 is the first new Git release of 2024 and Taylor Blau takes a look at the enhancements.

  • TypeScript 5.4 RC is also here. There’s nothing really Node-specific, but TypeScript users will want to take a look regardless.

Preventing SQL Injection Attacks in Node — Learn more about why and where SQL injection attacks pose a threat and some initial ways to shield your Node apps against them.

Lucien Chemaly

Sentry is Hosting SFNode Meetup on Feb 29 — Sentry is hosting SFNode community on Feb 29th in San Francisco. Register here to join us in person.

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Run Node.js Apps on the Edge with RHEL and Fedora — IoT, in this case.

Michael Dawson

How to Transfer Binary Data Efficiently Across Worker Threads

Tamás Sallai

A Look into JSDoc as an Alternative TypeScript Syntax

Alex Harri

🛠 Code & Tools

Systeminformation: A System Information Library for Node — If you want to query what environment your Node program is running in, this is for you. Get info about audio devices, Bluetooth devices, printers, USB, CPU, architecture, WiFi, and more.

Sebastian Hildebrandt

node-rate-limiter-flexible 5.0: Limit Number of Actions by Key and Protect Apps from Brute Force Attacks — Can use Redis, in-process memory, memcached, MongoDB, Postgres or more to count actions in either a single process or distributed environment. Now with Prisma support.

Roman Animir

📰 Classifieds

🪝Hookdeck: A managed reliability & observability layer for webhooks & async messaging. Receive, transform, route, & deliver events at scale.

📢 Using Redis as a Postgres cache? Readyset Cloud makes query caching easier without query optimization or app rewrites. Try for free today.

🧑‍💻 Porkbun has the best prices on domain names, hosting plans, and personalized support 365 days a year. Get $1 off your next domain now!

Readability.js: Extract the Readable Content from an HTML Document — A standalone version of the library used to power Firefox’s Reader View. It’s been a few years since we’ve linked to this, but it continues to be improved.


SQS Consumer 8.2: Build Amazon SQS-Based Apps Without the Boilerplate — Build SQS-based (Simple Queue Service) apps more simply by defining an async function that handles the SQS message processing.


AWS Lambda Web Adapter: Run Typical HTTP Webapps on AWS Lambda — A handy (Rust-powered) adapter that makes it easier to run apps built in any language on AWS’s serverless platform by letting them stick to their usual HTTP serving ways with this adapter bridging the gap.

Amazon Web Services Labs


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