#​525 — March 19, 2024

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to Node — Joyee writes about landing experimental support for


-ing synchronous ES modules in Node, a feature that has been a long time coming, due to both technical and cultural factors.

Joyee Cheung

Building a Node App with TypeScript — Learn how to set up TypeScript to bundle a Node app using pnpm, Node, TypeScript, and ES modules for a seamless development experience, all from someone who knows a thing or two about TypeScript!

Matt Pocock

Memetria: Secure, Scalable Redis Hosting — High performance Redis hosting with large key tracking, detailed metrics, and a superior uptime record.

Memetria sponsor

▶  Setting up an Express.js App with TypeScript in 2024 — This hour-long video doesn’t focus on building an Express.js app itself, but on getting everything set up and working in a very clear, easy to follow way with a variety of modern DX niceties.

Anson the Developer


unplugin-parcel-macros: Use Parcel/Bun Macros with Other BundlersMacros, as implemented in Parcel and Bun, are JavaScript functions that run at build time and whose values get inlined into the bundle in place of the original call. You can now use this feature with webpack, Vite, Rollup, esbuild, and Next.js.

Devon Govett

A Beginner’s Guide to Worker Threads in NodeWorker threads provide a way to create independent JavaScript execution threads that run in parallel.

Stanley Ulili

Building Reliable Applications with Durable Execution — Learn about the concept of durable execution, which is used to solve a wide range of problems in distributed systems.

Temporal Technologies sponsor

Parsing Hacker News’s ‘Who’s Hiring’ Threads with OpenAI and Node

Jeremy Bernier

Comparing ECMAScript Modules (ESM) with CommonJS

Marcin Wanago

▶  Is Drizzle Really Better Than Prisma?

Kyle Cook

Server Actions in Fastify

Jonas Galvez

🛠 Code & Tools

Eta 3.4: Embedded JS Template Engine for Node, Deno, & Browsers — Boasts being lighter and faster than EJS but with many of the same features (it looks a lot like Ruby’s ERB, if you like that vibe). GitHub repo.

Ben Gubler

VineJS: Form Data Validation Library for Node Apps — A fast validation library for data received by your backend app, providing both runtime and static type safety, and handling form data and JSON payloads. Why use VineJS over Zod? They’ve answered that.

VineJS Contributors

📰 Classifieds

Never miss a webhook ever again. Use Hookdeck to receive, transform, filter, route, deliver, and even retry webhooks in DEV and PROD.

👨‍💻Try Pythagora – VS Code extension that builds apps from scratch with AI by talking to you. It writes the code while you write instructions.

date-fns 3.6: A Modern Date Utility Library — It’s been a few years since we linked to this “lodash for dates” that’s packed with over 100 date and time manipulation functions, but it continues to get frequent updates. GitHub repo.

Sasha Koss

💡 Tempo offers another suite of date and time functions and was inspired by date-fns.


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