#​436 — May 5, 2022

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Node Weekly

Node v18.1.0 (Current) Released — There’s an initial version of a CLI based test runner (which you start with

node --test

– see docs here) and there have also been further developments on implementing the WebAssembly Web API.

Michaël Zasso

The Thing About Fastify — Express isn’t the only game in town but sometimes it feels like it, so Jonas has written a love letter, of sorts, to Fastify, an alternative Node.js Web framework that ticks his boxes and which you, too, should consider, if you haven’t already.

Jonas Galvez

AppSignal Logbook: Team Discussion and Full Incident History — With Logbook you get the full incident history. Read and leave team comments, see which notifications were sent at what time, and see team activity for changes in incident states. It’s easier than ever to see what the current state of an incident is.

AppSignal sponsor

Prisma Raises $40M for ‘Open Source Platform for Database Languages’ — This is a mainstream media writeup rather than something technical, but you probably know of Prisma for its popular and eponymous Node.js ORM. It seems like they have big plans!

Ingrid Lunden (TechCrunch)

Quick bytes:

  • Dr. Axel Rauschmayer makes the point (picked up from Guy Bedford) that now Node.js 12 is at its ‘end of life’, we wave goodbye to the final version of Node that didn’t have ES module support from the start.

  • On the topic of ES modules in Node, however, James M Snell also notes that it has thrown ‘a giant monkey wrench into the ecosystem’ and there are “going to be large chunks of npm that you just can’t use because it’s just not going to be a good experience.”

  • Node 14.19.2 (LTS) has been released.

💻 Jobs

Senior Node.js Developer (Remote-Friendly) — Software Development Agency in Wrocław, Poland working with experts from around the globe to create meaningful software.


Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.


Creating and Deploying a Tiny Proxy Server on Vercel in 10 Minutes — A neat use of a small Node powered proxy.

Matteo Mazzarolo

‘Lerna Has Gone. Which Monorepo Is Right with Node Now?’ — An overview of modern monorepo tooling for backend work with Node.js.

Yoni Goldberg and Michael Solomon

Building a JavaScript Bundler from Scratch — After building a to-do list, a static site generator, or even a testing framework, how about a bundler? Christoph, well known for his work on Jest and Yarn, covers it all here, and there’s a livestream version too.

Christoph Nakazawa

Read Our Comparison of Serverless Frameworks for Building in Node.js

Rookout sponsor

How to Build a Complete Next.js App with Vercel and CockroachDB

Aydrian Howard (Cockroach Labs)

How to Install Node.js 18 on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS

Josh Sherman

🛠 Code & Tools

NodeBB 2.0 Released: Node-Powered Forum Software — A very long standing Node-based forum system that supports multiple data stores, real-time notificatins, has a RESTful API, and more. If you’re an existing NodeBB user, there’s a migration guide. GitHub repo.

Jay Moonah

pdfreader 2.0: Parse Text and Tables From PDF Files — Read text and parse tables from PDF files. Supports tabular data with automatic column detection, and rule-based parsing.

Adrien Joly

Introducing Filestack: The All-In-One File Service Designed For Speed

Filestack sponsor

resvg-js 2.0: A High-Performance SVG Renderer and Toolkit — Powered by Rust’s resvg on the backend, this works in both Node and the browser (via WebAssembly, though) for converting SVG to PNG with a high level of SVG spec support.


JSPyBridge 1.0: A Bridge Between Node and Python — A work in progress but offers the ability to go either way – run Python from Node, or run Node from Python ‘with a native feel.’ “Unlike other bridges, you may notice you’re not just writing Python code in JavaScript, or vice-versa. You can operate on objects on the other side of the bridge as if the objects existed on your side.”


Fonoster: An Open-Source Alternative to Twilio? — For building programmable voice applications, at least.


pnpm 5.1.0: The Alternative Fast and Disk Space Efficient Package Manager


ws 8.6: A Fast and Throughly Tested WebSocket Client and Server for Node

Einar Otto Stangvik


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