Notable changes

  • doc:
    • The JSON variant of the API documentation is no longer experimental (Rich Trott) #27842.
  • esm:
    • JSON module support is always enabled under  --experimental-modules

The --experimental-json-modules flag has been removed (Myles Borins) #27752.

  • http,http2:
    • A new flag has been added for overriding the default HTTP server socket timeout (which is two minutes). Pass --http-server-default-timeout=milliseconds or  --http-server-default-timeout=0 to respectively change or disable the timeout. Starting with Node.js 13.0.0, the timeout will be disabled by default (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #27704.
  • inspector: Added an experimental --heap-prof flag to start the V8 heap profiler on startup and write the heap profile to disk before exit (Joyee Cheung) #27596.

The readable.unshift() method now correctly converts strings to buffers. Additionally, a new optional argument is accepted to specify the string’s encoding, such as utf8 or ascii (Marcos Casagrande) #27194.

  • v8:
    • The object returned by v8.getHeapStatistics() has two new properties: number_of_native_contexts and number_of_detached_contexts

(Yuriy Vasiyarov) #27933.

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