#​426 — February 24, 2022

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😔 It’s a difficult day for the world, and as such our thoughts are with everyone affected by events currently taking place in Europe.
Peter Cooper — Editor

Node Weekly

Node v17.6.0 (Current) Released — Adds experimental support for importing ES modules over HTTPS (behind a flag, for now) – Hemanth HM has a video on Twitter showing off this feature. npm gets bumped up to 8.5, and lots of little bug fixes as usual.

Bryan English

Caxa: Package Node Apps Into Executable Binaries — If you want to create single executable versions of Node apps, there have been several options over the years, including Vercel’s pkg or nexe. Caxa is a new opinionated alternative that has a superbly thorough README covering exactly how it works and how it compares to pkg and nexe.

Leandro Facchinetti

Secure Redis Hosting from RedisGreen — The latest Redis features, instrumented and scaled with the tools teams need as they grow.

RedisGreen sponsor

How to Fix Security Vulnerabilities with npm OverridesOverrides in your


file let you replace a package in your dependency tree with another version of your choice, which may be necessary to work around versions of dependencies with known security issues.

Ayşegül Yönet (Microsoft)

Next.js 12.1 Released — The popular React framework introduces a beta version of on-demand incremental static regeneration (ISR), now automatically configures Jest for you, and can create smaller, more efficient ‘standalone’ builds of your app for production deployment.


In brief:

💻 Jobs

Senior Backend Developer — Are you looking to level up your skills and work on a wide variety of applications and technologies? Look no further.


Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.


▶  A 3.5 Hour Nest.js Course for BeginnersNest.js is a popular framework for building backend apps and APIs with Node and this extensive screencast walks through building your own REST API with it, complete with auth and database.

Vladimir Agaev

How to Run Every Node.js Version on AWS Lambda — Node.js has been a first class platform on AWS’s serverless platform from day one, but the versions you can (easily) use have been limited to a subset. Everynode, however, provides a way to use any version of Node on AWS Lambda from v11 upwards.

Tomasz Janczuk (Fusebit)

Use Group Step Type to Better Organize Large and Complex Pipelines ✨

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A Complete Guide to Working with CSV Files in Node — Looks at how to approach managing CSV files in Node, plus how helpful packages (like csv-parser) can help in that regard.

Joseph Mawa

Monorepos Explained — A new site that rounds up pretty much anything you need to know about monorepos, and the tools to build them.


🛠 Code & Tools

Beam: A Node Powered Message Board for Teams — Beam is a message board inspired by a similar proprietary system used for team communication at GitHub. GitHub repo.


pm2 5.2 Released: The Node Production Process Manager — A very mature and widely used process manager that includes a load balancer for keeping Node apps alive forever – pm2 continues to remain a fundamental part of the Node ecosystem.

Alexandre Strzelewicz

How to Make a Data Dashboard with React Native

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Official MongoDB NodeJS Driver v4.4 — Has a few new auth and KMS related features.

MongoDB Node.js Team

Couchnode 4.0: The Official Couchbase Node.js Client Library

Couchbase, Inc.

AutoCannon 7.7: A Fast HTTP/1.1 Benchmarking Tool

Matteo Collina


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