🇺🇦 #​438 — May 19, 2022

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Node Weekly

Web Scraping via JS Runtime Heap Snapshots — When official APIs don’t offer all of the access users require (or don’t exist at all) scraping can become a less than ideal necessity. Puppeteer or Playwright make controlling a headless browser easy, but finding the data you want can still be complex.. but what if you could just pluck data objects from a page out of the heap? Puppeteer Heap Snapshot is the end result of this experiment.

Adrian Cooney

Node v18.2.0 (Current) Released — Don’t get too excited – this is a modest release. npm gets updated to v8.9.0, undici to v5.2.0, and some OpenSSL related issues are addressed. If you really want some new features, you can now use a method to close all connections on


and there’s an initial PerformanceResourceTiming implementation.

Rafael Gonzaga

Making TypeScript ‘Stick’ — Test your knowledge through quizzes, challenges, and even a TypeScript gameshow in this new course by Mike North!

Frontend Masters sponsor

Node.js 16.x Runtime Now Available in AWS Lambda — Node.js was the first runtime offered when AWS’s industry defining serverless platform launched eight years ago, and now you can get up and running on the latest active LTS release with all its improvements.

Dan Fox (AWS)

Quick bytes:

Deploying Node-RED to Google App EngineNode-RED is a Node-powered low-code event-driven programming environment most commonly associated with IoT and stringing together hardware devices in various ways. But you can deploy it in the cloud, too, to create your own automation system for other things.


Best Practices for Working with Different Filesystems — Be prepared for differences, take care of case sensitivity, and more.

Node.js Docs

Redis 7 Now Available on RedisGreen

RedisGreen sponsor

Hosting a Ghost Blog for Free on Fly.io, QuicklyGhost is a long standing Node-powered CMS, Fly.io is an interesting hosting platform with a generous free tier, so…


🛠 Code & Tools

google-spreadsheet: Interact with Google Sheets Documents — Google Sheets is Google’s cloud-based spreadsheet app and it has an API so you can work with documents from your own code.

Theo Ephraim

crypto-random-string 5.0: Generate a Cryptographically Strong Random String — For example:

cryptoRandomString({length: 10})

might return


. Now works in both Node.js and the browser.

Sindre Sorhus

pkg 5.7.0: Package Your Node Project Into an Executablev5.7.0 adds Node 18 support.


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Dats 3.0: A Minimal Zero-Dependency


Client LibraryStatsD is a stats/metrics aggregation service originally developed at Etsy.

Immobiliare Labs

capture-website 2.4: Capture Screenshots of Websites — A high-level Puppeteer wrapper to make it easy to capture screenshots of websites from Node or the command-line.

Sindre Sorhus

Fast-Fuzz: An Automated Fuzzer / Test Generator for TypeScriptGitHub repo.

We Watch Wall Inc.

url-unshort: Short URLs/Links Expansion Library


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