#​394 — June 24, 2021

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Node Weekly

AdminJS 5.0: An Admin Panel for Node Apps — Formerly known as AdminBro, this is an ‘automatic’ admin interface you introduce to existing apps, wire up to your ODM/ORM, and off you go. You can see a live demo here.

Software Brothers

Node v16.4.0 (Current) Released


goes up to v7.18.1, V8 goes up to version 9.1, some of the AsyncLocalStorage API has been stabilized, but otherwise it’s a relatively minor bug fixing release.

Danielle Adams (Node.js Project)

Learn to Build Scalable React Apps — Brian Holt covers the latest tools in the React ecosystem like TypeScript, TailwindCSS, Redux, Jest, and more in this new and updated video course!

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ApostropheCMS 3.0 Released — The latest release of a fully featured MIT-licensed Node.js-based CMS. It’s now powered by headless RESTful APIs from the ground up, has a new visual editing experience (powered by Vue.js), and improved modularity for extending it. GitHub repo.

Alex Gilbert

28 (And Counting) Node CLI App Best Practices — From the creator of several Node-based CLI tools is a curated collection of best practices for building “successful, empathic and user-friendly” CLI tools using Node.

Liran Tal

Vercel Raises $102M Series C Round — Vercel (formerly ZEIT) is an increasingly popular deployment platform in our community and it was founded by someone well known in the Node scene, so it’s good to see them doing well. They manage the Next.js project too, and some of the money is intended to push that along further.

Guillermo Rauch

How to Dynamically Import ES Modules — How to use


to dynamically import modules.

Dmitri Pavlutin

Generating PDFs with Serverless, AWS Lambda and Puppeteer

Shubham Pandey

Measure the Performance of a Web App with Lighthouse CI in a GitLab CI Pipeline

Aurelio Merenda

💻 Jobs

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🛠 Code and Tools

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Madge 5.0: Create Graphs From Your Module Dependencies — A developer tool for generating a visual graph of your module dependencies (works with CommonJS, AMD and ES modules), finding circular dependencies, and discovering other useful info.

Patrik Henningsson

RunJS 2.0: A Desktop Playground for JavaScript and TypeScript — First appearing 2½ years ago, this cross-platform desktop tool has just had a major update with support for multiple tabs, autocomplete, and type checking. If you want a quick, handy JavaScript ‘sandbox’ on your desktop, it’s worth checking out.

Luke Haas

[New] Free JavaScript Code Quality & Security Scanner – Real‑Time Scan — Like Grammarly for your code. Scan your JavaScript code for quality & security issues, and get fix advice in your IDE.

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Remote Repositories Extension for Visual Studio Code — If you use VS Code, this extension from GitHub itself offers a quicker way to open GitHub repos remotely direct from the editor.


Micromark 3.0: A Small Compliant Markdown Parser — Boasts 100% compliance to the CommonMark standard, supports extensions (such as for GitHub Flavored Markdown), and 100% test coverage.

Titus Wormer

Node Serialport: Access Serial Ports with JavaScript — Working on Linux, macOS and Windows, this opens up a world of talking to external devices at a low level. GitHub repo.


node-httpreq: Another HTTP Client Library for Node — There’s a lot of momentum for Undici (featured last week) but sometimes a smaller library can offer an API you might prefer, such as this one oriented around








and similar HTTP methods.

Sam Decrock

Uptime Monitoring Is Now Available in AppSignal

AppSignal sponsor

dotenv-linter: A Lightning-Fast Linter for


Files — It’s written in Rust but if your project is using a


file to store environment variables and you want to catch problems like duplicated keys or trailing whitespace, this may have value to you.

Grachev Mikhail

libnpmexec 2.0:

npm exec



) as a Programmatic API

npm Project


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