#​422 — January 27, 2022

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Node Weekly

Trilium Notes: A Knowledge Base App Build with Node — A hierarchical note taking app. Built as an Express app but is most commonly used on the desktop via an Electron packaged version. It’s been around a few years but continues to see frequent updates and is a neat example of this sort of app.


Building a Wordle-Like SMS Game with Twilio Serverless — A just-for-fun homage to popular word game Wordle, in which you build a text/SMS-based version with Twilio Functions, the Serverless Toolkit, and Node.

Lizzie Siegle

New Course on State Machines with XState by David Khourshid — If you build large JavaScript apps and want to stop running into weird edge cases, you’ll want to learn state machines. Spend your time modeling app logic clearly and robustly.

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Be Deprecated?


is an event emitted by promises that have undergone one of several state changes. Do you use it? Is it at all useful to you? The Node.js team want to know in this Twitter poll, so if you want to keep it, speak up now.

Node.js on Twitter

In brief:

💻 Jobs

Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.


A Complete Beginner’s Guide to


— If you’re a long time Node developer,


is probably second nature to you, but nonetheless this guide to


may prove useful, even if only to other folks on your team. It’s a nine-part guide from CSS Tricks covering everything from the ground up.

Josh Collinsworth

Using Node.js from Google Sheets (with Fusebit) — Be warned that this integration depends entirely upon Fusebit, a commercial integration platform, but if Google’s Apps Script isn’t enough for you, you may appreciate knowing about this approach.

Tomasz Janczuk (Fusebit)

How to Extract Secrets from an Electron App — The point is it’s so simple that you really shouldn’t be leaving such secrets in there anyway.

Kamil Staszewski

Build a Serverless Lambda Function with InfluxDB

InfluxData sponsor

Awesome Node-RED: Curated Resources for Node-RED UsersNode-RED is a popular Node-powered low-code event driven programming environment.

Various Contributors

How To Process Images in Node.js with SharpSharp is a popular high performance package for working with images in Node.js. Resizing is its main function but it can do other things like rotation, compositing, and gamma correction too.

Stanley Ulili

🛠 Code & Tools

Gluegun 5.0: A Toolkit for Building Node-Powered CLIs — If you want to build a CLI app and want both help and flexibility while doing so, this toolkit is for you. Areas covered include templating, sub-command support, argument parsing, etc.

Infinite Red, Inc.

PureORM 3.0: A Node.js SQL Toolkit for Writing Native SQL Queries Yielding Pure Business Objects — Allows you to write regular native SQL and receive back properly structured (nested) pure business objects, as opposed to a more typical ORM where you build queries in other ways.

Craig Martin

A Boilerplate and Starter App for Node.js Serverless Apps — Leans upon Serverless Framework, Express.js, TypeScript, Prettier, Husky, and more to provide a lot of functionality out of the box.

Remi W.

Build Video for Your Node App That Just Works

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fdir 5.2: A High Performance Directory Crawler Library — Need to scan through directories rapidly either asynchronously or synchronously?

Abdullah Atta

Phoenix: A JavaScriptable macOS Window and App Manager — If you want full control over your window management and you know JavaScript, this is for you. Here’s an example script to give you a taster.

Kasper Hirvikoski

Oclif 2.3: Heroku’s Open CLI Framework for Node — A mature framework for building command line interfaces whether with a few simple flags or lots of subcommands. It comes out of Heroku’s work on its own heavily used CLI tools and an alternative to the Gluegun approach (above). GitHub repo.


Hazelcast IMDG Node.js Client — Hazelcast is an open-source ‘in memory data grid’ popular in the Java space.


hyperid: Fast Unique ID Generation — Check out the benchmark results.

Matteo Collina


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