With newly published Deno 1.33, the project’s developers are preparing users of the JavaScript/TypeScript runtime for the planned, ambitious Deno 2 release. Part of that push is the debut in Deno 1.33 of the Deno KV key-value database.

Unveiled April 28, Deno 1.33 takes steps toward meeting the goals of Deno 2.0, which is due in coming months. These goals include “effortless” coding, “best in class” performance, and “uncompromising” security.

In Deno 1.33, new capabilities include the built-in Deno KV key-value database for stateful app development, either locally or on the Deno Deploy serverless JavaScript hosting service. When running locally, Deno KV is backed by SQLite. When running on Deno Deploy, the database is backed by FoundationDB, managed by Deno, and globally replicated across 35 cloud regions. Currently in beta, Deno KV is an unstable API and long-term data durability is not yet guaranteed.

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