#​447 — July 21, 2022

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Working with File System Paths — Dr. Axel puts on his scuba gear and resumes his deep dive into Node with a look at ways to manipulate file system paths using core packages, including taking into account differences between Windows and POSIX systems.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer

Payload 1.0: A Headless CMS Platform Built on Node — An exciting project that appeared in early 2021 with a bang then became open source just a couple of months ago. There’s a lot to like about Payload if you need a headless CMS including a customizable React-based admin system, GraphQL or REST APIs, flexible auth and file upload systems, and it’s very easy to get started. GitHub repo.

Payload CMS

Nodemailer Plugin: Downstream ESP Switch Configurator — Architecting the communications strategy for our products can be a problem. The decisions we have to make are hard, confusing and prone to change, and the last thing we want to invest is precious time and energy into notifications.

Courier.com sponsor

An Introduction to Multithreading in Node.js — Node’s concurrency story is mostly oriented around a single thread and an event loop, but worker threads, first introduced in Node 10, open the door to a more classical multithreaded concurrency approach. This post covers them at a high level with just enough to help you decide if they make sense for you or not.

Kayode Oluwasegun

Testing Bun’s Speed and Compatibility with Node.js — David decided to put Bun (a much celebrated newcomer to the JS runtime world) through its paces to see how it would fare with a real world app vs Node.js. Unsurprisingly for an app with real world pressures (file system, network, et al.) the difference in performance was minor, but he was impressed at how seamlessly it worked.

David Herron

Building Attractive CLIs with TypeScript — A quick look at Commander.js (which dropped a new release just last week).

Tommy Parnell

[New] 200+ Malicious npm Packages Discovered

Snyk.io sponsor

A Look at Remix and the Differences with Next.js — A good feature-by-feature comparison of the two React-based frameworks that share a ton of similarities but some key differences.

Facundo Giuliani

🛠 Code & Tools

npm-check 6: Check for Outdated, Incorrect, and Unused Dependencies — It was over 6 years ago when we last linked to this(!) but it’s still going and can still give you a look behind the scenes at your dependencies.

Dylan Greene

Etro: Video-Editing Framework for Browser and Node — Define layers and effects to create composite effects, add text, etc. GPLv3 licensed. GitHub repo.

Caleb Sacks and Contributors

Develop Modern GraphQL APIs & Deploy on Edge with GraphQL Yoga

The Guild sponsor

Discord.TS: Create a Discord Bot with TypeScript and Decorators — Extends Discord.js with TypeScript goodness. You can run multiple bots on a single instance, and you get access to a variety of packages for adding features to your bot quickly.

Indian Ocean Roleplay

css-browser-support: JS API to Query CSS Browser Support Data From caniuse.com and MDN — Pass in a string or array of strings for the feature(s) you want to query and it returns an object with all supported browsers.

Stephanie Eckles


Pino 8.2 – Fast, low overhead JSON logger.
Commander.js 9.4 – Node.js command line app framework.
Prisma 4.1 – The next-gen ORM for Node.js and TypeScript.
Undici 5.8 – The from-scratch HTTP/1.1 client. Security fix release.
Nightwatch 2.3 – End-to-end testing framework.
Midway 3.4.2 – Node.js serverless app framework.
node-resque 9.2 – Redis powered background jobs system.

💻 Jobs

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