#​405 — September 16, 2021

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Node Weekly

Tasuku (タスク): A Minimal Task Runner for Node — Tasuku, which is simply Japanese for ‘task’, provides a clean way to break up processes into small tasks which can then be run in the right order with progress displayed elegantly in the terminal. Check out the succinct README.

hiroki osame

Node v16.9.1 (Current) Released — A teeny-tiny update to fix a regression introduction by Node 16.9.0’s V8 9.3 update. If you missed last week’s issue, 16.9.0 had an interesting new feature called Corepack.

Richard Lau

Troubleshoot Node.js App Performance With Datadog APM — Datadog’s distributed tracing provides end-to-end visibility into requests wherever they go, across hosts, containers, and service boundaries. With rich dashboards, and algorithmic alerts, Datadog provides your team with the tools they need to optimize modern applications.

Datadog sponsor

▶  Fastify in One Minute — This isn’t one of those ultra high level videos where you see nothing useful – it’s fast paced, code heavy, and demonstrative – all in one minute. And it might convince you to give Fastify a go for your next HTTP API/webapp.


▶  Get Started with Fastify (A Workshop Recording) — If the one minute video above whet your appetite, here’s a 52-minute workshop recorded live earlier this year.

Simon Plenderleith

Awesome Node: Almost 600 Curated Node Packages, Resources and Links — We link to this every year or so as it’s a truly definitive list of categorized Node resources and continues to be updated, pruned, and added to over time. Plus it’s a really quiet week.. 😉

Sindre Sorhus

[Free Workshop] Building an IoT Application With InfluxDB

InfluxData sponsor

Building a Virtual Conference Ticket System with Begin, AWS and Puppeteer — From one of the organizers of CascadiaJS comes a piece on creating a virtual event ticket system. Node.js is used but it’s Begin’s Arc serverless deployment mechanism that gets it all running.

Carter Rabasa

How to Track ‘Blipped’ Marvel Characters with Node and CockroachDB — You could write what I know about Marvel on the back of a postage stamp, but if you fancy a Marvel-themed excuse to play with CockroachDB (the distributed SQL database) from Node, here you go.

Raphael Mun and Amruta Ranade

🛠 Code & Tools

Handbrake-JS: Control Video Encoding and Transcoding from Node — A Node.js interface to the popular, open source Handbrake video transcoding tool.

Lloyd Brookes

xv: Simple, Fast and Small Test Runner with Native ESM Support — Love this project’s logo which deftly explains the name of the project too.


Run Faster and Safer than Linux with Open Source Unikernels

NanoVMs sponsor

Lowdb 3.0: A Small Local JSON Database — Supports Node, Electron and the browser, and might be suited if you want a very lightweight data store you can query with pure JS.


Commander 8.2: Node Command-Line Interfaces Made Easy — The long standing ‘batteries included’ system for building apps that interface with the command line.

TJ Holowaychuk

💻 Jobs

Sr. & Mid-Level Software Developers (Office Optional) — Moz is looking for mid or senior level devs to join its User Services team, responsible for building apps to support invoicing, charging, and subscription-management for Moz products.


Find Tech Jobs with Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.



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