#​398 — July 22, 2021

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Node Weekly

Node-RED 2.0 ReleasedNode-RED is a now very mature ‘low-code’ Node.js-based programming environment, particularly aimed at connecting together services or IoT devices. The 2.0 release focuses on upgrading dependencies, dropping old Node version support, and an (optional) improved text editor.

OpenJS Foundation

What Use Cases Exist for




is an admittedly ‘low-level’ and ‘quite difficult to use safely’ API for tracking asynchronous resources, so the Node code team are intrigued to know if and how you’re using it so they can build better high-level abstractions.

Node.js Team

Fast Redis Hosting and Analytics — RedisGreen databases include seamless online upgrades, SSL encryption, key size tracking, memory mapping, and more.

RedisGreen sponsor

devcert: Development SSL/TLS Certificates Made Easy — Need a certificate for local development? This package takes an interesting approach of creating its own root authority and issuing certificates automatically against it. It’s slick; I was impressed by it when I tried it out last week.

Dave Wasmer

V8 Release v9.2 — A relatively minor update with the biggest practical win being the new


method for Array, TypedArray and String. More on what it does here.

Ingvar Stepanyan

▶  How To Make a Raspberry Pi Night Vision Security Camera — A practical seven-minute screencast bringing together a bit of Node, a bit of Python, and some hardware.

ztf William

Notion API: Getting Started with Notion’s JavaScript SDK

Rui Sousa

🛠 Code and Tools

fnm: A Fast, Alternative Node.js Version Manager, Built in Rust — We first linked this tool (fnm stands for Fast Node Manager) a few years ago when it was built in ReasonML, but now it’s built in Rust!

Gal Schlezinger

Unique Name Generator: Generate Unique and Memorable Name Strings — A tree-shakeable Node package for generating random and unique names. Could be useful for creating random readable names for your app’s users, perhaps – such as Heroku does with subdomain names for new apps.

Andrea Zornada et al.

Bull: A Fast and Stable Redis-Based Queue for Node — Prides itself on performance, ‘rock solid stability’., and atomicity Check the homepage for a guide to its use.

Manuel Astudillo

Fauna: A Modern Serverless Data API for Node.js Apps, Learn More

Fauna sponsor

ncc: Compile a Node Project Into a Single File — Supports TypeScript, binary addons, and dynamic requires.


Mineflayer: A High Level API for Creating Minecraft Bots — Track entities, query the world around you, dig, build – all the good stuff. Might be a nice way to bring Node together with the kids’ hobby (or maybe your own :-)).


IMAP API: Self Hosted Node App to Access IMAP Accounts via a REST API — An app that can connect to IMAP accounts and translates REST API requests into the relevant data. Webhooks, too. AGPL with a paid MIT option.

Andris Reinman

Nativefier: Make Any Web Page a Desktop Application — A basic Node.js-powered tool for creating a desktop ‘app’ for any Web site using Electron as the webview. For Windows, macOS and Linux.

Goh Jia Hao

The Definitive Guide to Feature Management

LaunchDarkly sponsor

Convict 6.2: A ‘Featureful’ Configuration Management Library — A Node config library aimed at projects with multiple collaborators who need more robustness, context, and validation of settings.


node-ytdl-core: A YouTube Video Downloader


💻 Jobs

Senior Full Stack Developer – ElasticSearch (Remote) — We’re seeking a developer to join our government procurement startup. Got a clear understanding of full functional programming and experience with ElasticSearch. We want to hear from you. Remote, candidates must be eligible to work in the US.


Find a Job Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It’s free for job-seekers.



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