#​441 — June 9, 2022

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Fastify 4.0 Released — The first major release of a popular, high performance Node.js Web framework in two years warrants some celebration. A focus has been placed on stabilization, modernization, and improving the already quite stable developer experience, rather than flashy new features, although this post does cover a few updates.

Fastify Team

❓ Why try Fastify vs Express? Well, it’s faster, sees more frequent updates, has an LTS policy, and more.

Couchbase Capella DBaaS: Store in JSON, Access with SQL — Build faster with in-memory performance, automatic replication and scaling. Try it now for free and be live in under 3 minutes.

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Quick bits:

The Case for Prisma in the ‘Jamstack’ — Prisma is a an ORM built for JavaScript and TypeScript, which can be useful for connecting to data within the backend of your Jamstack application. The author makes the case for why Prisma and shows how to integrate it with Next.js, RedwoodJS and Cloudflare Workers.

Sam Poder

Creating a GraphQL Server in Node.js — A walkthrough, along with downloadable code, of creating a GraphQL API server using Mercurius, a GraphQL adapter for the Fastify framework.

Kevin Cunningham

WebContainers Now Supported in Firefox on Desktop and AndroidWebContainers is a ‘full stack’ Node.js environment that runs entirely within the browser built by the folks at online IDE StackBlitz. It’s worked in Chrome since launch a year ago, but now collaboration with Mozilla has brought it to Firefox too.

Eric Simons

Scale Postgres and MySQL Globally in Minutes

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How to Create Your First Node.js-Based GitHub Action

David Ziolkowski

🛠 Code & Tools

qnm: CLI Utility for Looking at


Directories — The goal is to make it easier to see what’s going on in a


directory of choice including letting you search for packages. Supports both npm and Yarn.

Ran Yitzhaki

node-microtime: Get The Current Time in Microseconds — Milliseconds not good enough for you? Microtime goes a little lower under the hood (to


) and gives you microseconds, although accuracy depends entirely on your OS and hardware.

Wade Simmons

aws-lambda-fastify 3.0: Serve Fastify-Powered Apps on AWS Lambda — If Fastify is your Node web framework of choice and you want to go serverless, this is for you. Note that as of v3.0 the name of this package in the npm registry has changed from





Fastify Project

The Ultimate Developer Toolkit for In-App Chat + Activity Feeds

Stream sponsor

Nano ID 4.0: A Unique String ID Generator — Tiny (130 bytes), secure, and URL-friendly. 4.0 drops CommonJS support, it’s ESM all the way here, though the 3.x branch will remain supported for now.

Andrey Sitnik

is-online 10.0: Check if The Internet Connection Is Up — Works in both Node.js and the browser and uses three parallel approaches to check if the Internet is really available. Now a pure ES module.

Sindre Sorhus

The Official Node.js MongoDB Driver v4.7.0 — Quite a lot in this release including support for zstd compression, initial suppor for queryable encryption (a very new MongoDB feature), clustered collection support, estimated document counting, better performance in serverless environments, and improved support for change stream events.

MongoDB Inc.

Soap 0.44.0: A SOAP Client and Server for Node — This module lets you connect to web services using SOAP. It also provides a server that allows you to run your own SOAP services.

Vinay Pulim

Pify 6.0: To Promisify Callback-Style Functions

Sindre Sorhus

v8-profiler-next: Node Bindings for the V8 Profiler


npm-keyword: Get a List of npm Packages for Supplied Keywords

Sindre Sorhus

node-oracledb 5.4: Node.js Module for Accessing Oracle Database


pidtree: Cross-Platform Children List for a Given Process ID

Simone Primarosa

💻 Jobs

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